New Aday Fusion Facial Acne Clear Whitening Facial Soap


New Aday Fusion Facial Acne Clear Whitening Facial Soap

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=The new innovative facial cleansing solution combines 2 power to correct skin problems in one spot. Experience the difference, but the bubbles of the premium grade premium soap. The cleaning efficiency is purely. The skin is deeply protected. Ingredients: -ACNE CLEAR FACIAL SOAP: 1.Black Ginseng Extract : Skin Condition Skin rejuvenation. 2.Rice Extract: Helps reduce skin cell degeneration. Reduce dullness. Skin appears radiant. 3.Royal Jelly Extract: Reduces inflammation of the skin. Stimulates the formation of collagen. Allows skin to soften. 4.Adlay Millet Extract: Helps reduce irritation, reduce inflammation, strengthen the skin. Stimulates circulation under the skin. 5.Radishes Extract: Reduce Melasma freckles are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A to inhibit melanin pigmentation. Make skin stronger. Prevent wrinkles. -WHITENING FACIAL SOAP 1.Jeju Red Sea Cucumber: Rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Helps skin is radiant, reduce inflammation, restore the skin perfectly. 2.Carrot Extract: Rich in carotene and vitamins C, B3, B6 to nourish the skin to smooth the skin. Gentle skin exfoliation. Suitable for sensitive skin. 3.Tree Tea Oil: Reduce the bacteria that causes acne. 4.Gac Fruit Extract: Helps whiten skin, reduce wrinkles, slow down aging, protects the skin from UV rays. 5.Salicylic Acid: Soluble in fat It helps to clear dirt the pores. Helps skin smooth naturally. How to use: After wet your face, please make the help of foam by using you hands rubbing the bar soap both formulas together, gently wash it on your face little by little.

HOW TO USE – Wash your face with the soap two times a day in the morning after waking up and night before sleeping, rinse it off with warm water or normal water.

  • Brighten skin and look younger.
  • Reduce Acne, freckles.Removes residues in the pores clean.
  • Stimulates the skin to complete.
  • For All Skin Types 
  • FDA No of ACNE CLEAR FACIAL SOAP: 10-1-5935478, FDA No. of WHITENING FACIAL SOAP : 10-1-5935494

 3,999.00  2,999.00

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