Alada Whitening Soap


Alada Whitening Soap

Alada Soap ALADA SOAP THAILAND BEST SELLING PRODUCTHAS INSTANT WHITENING EFFECT (160GRAMS) HAS CARAMBOLA NANO EXTACT,WHITE GINGER EXTRACT, SYNTHETIC COLLAGE,ALGAE EXTRACT! Alada Whitening Soap: The most effective whitening soap  Product from Thailand, Made of 100% Natural ingredient Benefits: – Can remove acne, freckles and pimples  – Have a good effect for nourishing & moisturizing your skin – For clearer and fine skin complexion  – Whiten your skin and keeps it smooth and young looking atural Ingredient:  ✔ Carambola Nano Extract ✔ White Ginger Extract  ✔ Synthetic Collagen IV  ✔ Algae Extract =ALADA SOAP most effective natural soap and best selling in Thailand. Can see result in just 1 bar. Safe to use! See how it works!  Sunburned skin to a lighter skin tone.  Suggested use:  – Use it not just in your face but in your whole body daily during bath time. Leave it for 2-5minutes so it really soothes in your skin.   You may wash your face with #Alada soap (3x) a day.  – Lightening of your skin may be seen within a week or days only after first application. – Continue using Alada soap as your bath-buddy for at least (2) months to see most visible result

=Let’s all be beautiful, empower and confident women!

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